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Grape Seed Flour BIO – 400 g

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BIO grape seed flour is a very healthy food supplement with antioxidant properties. It is a 100% natural flour, used mainly for food supplements, foods with a beneficial effect on health and cosmetics.

  • 100% natural product, obtained from grape seeds after the oil has been extracted using a cold pressing process, only by mechanical pressing
  • Grape seed flour is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vitaminizing product
  • The sources from which the carefully selected raw material comes are safe and unpolluted
  • It does not contain carbohydrates or gluten

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BIO grape seed flour – premium product, certified organic by Austria BIO Garantie (RO-ECO-018). The grape seeds used to produce flour come exclusively from organically certified crops and are 100% seeds of Romanian origin.

Pura Agro offers you BIO products of the highest quality!

Benefits of consuming BIO grape seed flour

The special feature of grape seed flour is its high value of OPC (proanthocyanidin oligomeric complexes – plant substance with high antioxidant effect). Closely related to resveratrol, they are valuable components of natural plants, which are highly valued for their antioxidant action. Thanks to OPCs, grape seed extract, in essence, can help destroy free radicals in your body, allowing you to avoid chronic diseases and slow down premature aging. Proanthocyanidins are then composed of two major types which include bioflavonoids and polyphenols. The antioxidant effect of any product can be expressed by the ORAC (Radical Oxygen Absorption Capacity) value. Grape seed flour is one of the products with the highest ORAC values.

It improves digestive health, providing the body with quality fiber that normalizes intestinal transit.

Grape seed flour – use:

Internal. BIO grape seed flour retains its active substances during heating and can therefore be added to baked goods (such as: cakes, bread, buns, pizza, cereal bars, biscuits, crackers, pancakes, etc.)to add extra flavors, color and nutrients. It can be consumed mixed in yogurt, milk, cereals or in prepared foods

  • It does not change the final taste of the product, because it has a neutral taste
  • It has a very low caloric value, being very indicated in diets. It can be used in baking mixed with wheat flour. BIO grape seed flour must not constitute more than 4-5% of the total amount of flour used. Because it is a gluten-free flour, grape seed flour will often create a slightly denser product if used in large quantities. It will add a bit of texture to whole grain breads or baked goods, as well as a little more color.

External. In the cosmetics industry, grape seed flour is used for anti-aging creams, anti-irritant creams, scrubs, masks, lotions, gels and tonic lotions. For homemade creams and masks, mix flour from BIO grape seeds with water, and the mask thus formed will provide powerful antioxidants to improve the health of the skin. Leave on the skin for 20 minutes or apply several times a day.

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