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Packaging and distributors



Gourmet edible oils, exquisite cosmetic oils, seed flours and powders are part of the portfolio of PURA AGRO premium brand for wholesalers and retailers.

We produce our Organic Oils in Romania using exclusively cold press technology only from the highest quality fruit seeds, berries and kernels.  We may produce oils also on demand, so you get always fresh cold pressed, virgin, unrefined, free GMO natural and organic seed oils

Our Seed Flours are milled press cakes into fine powders which are high in dense nutrients and which make them perfect for food, natural cosmetics and dietary supplement products.

We offer retailers the opportunity to sell each of our vegetable seed oils and flours with our attractive premium label. At the same time, we offer our products in bulk in different forms of packaging, according to the needs of each customer.

We would be happy to make you an offer that is individually tailored to your company.
(+40) 721 655 681  |  info@puraagro.ro

Options for large quantities and B2B sales:

  • 5 kg
    5 kg
    canister or drum
  • 25 kg
    25 kg
    canister or drum
  • 180 kg - 200 kg
    180 kg - 200 kg
    metalic drum
  • 900 kg - 920 kg
    900 kg - 920 kg
    IBC tank

For orders or more details, please contact us.

(+40) 721 655 681

(+40) 721 655 681