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We bring your health directly
from the heart of nature

Through its products, Pura Agro responds to the ultimate challenge of today – the same nutritional needs as many years ago, but doubled by a less active, even sedentary lifestyle.

We continue to look for simplicity and genuine feelings in a world full of unhealthy, colorful  and worthless food.

That is why we want the right daily choices for our fellows , through products that stimulate, energize and nourish the body. We would like Pura Agro organic oils and flours to be part of your daily rituals of proper nutrition and care and thus find the essence of health in nature and in its fruits.

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Pura Agro Facility

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About our company

We use the healthiest seeds


Carefully obtained by the slow method of cold pressing, PURA AGRO products contribute to the improvement of body function and soul well-being. We work meticulously to preserve the essence of the seeds during oil production and we aim to spread the fame of Romania’s rich natural resources .

  • High quality
    High quality
    Products obtained without chemical treatments or excess heat
  • Quick lead times
    Quick lead times
    Perfect location to offer immediate delivery of products
  • Simple purchase
    Simple purchase
    Reduced customs formalities, without transport obstacles
  • Consistency
    Through efficient production department and efficient supply chain
  • Traceability
    Tracking the stages of acquisition, manufacture and delivery, according to rules
  • "Zero waste"
    "Zero waste"
    We use all by-products generated during production.

Quality and technology

Out of respect for its customers, PURA AGRO has deployed the highest quality and technology standards found in each and every BIO or conventional oils and flour assortments. We offer our customers the guarantee of quality products and a professional collaboration.

Extraction of seed oil by cold pressing

PURA AGRO’s advanced cold press technology allows us to avoid chemical treatment or the application of excess heat during the production process, the oil fully preserving all the nutrients of the seeds.

The extracted oil is collected in stainless steel tanks under conditions of perfect hygiene. Along with the seed oils, seed flour is produced simultaneously as a by-product. It is stored in vacuum bags to avoid air contact .

Innovative production

The story of the grape seeds

As noble as wine, as pure and pure as the land from which the vine grows, as healthy as nature that gives it strength, PURA AGRO grape seed oil now tells its own story.

After several years of research, Pura Agro has developed an innovative production line to obtain valuable grape seeds. The grape marc resulting from the vinification process and considered a vegetable waste for wineries in Romania, is now capitalized and transformed into a product considered “elixir of beauty and health”.

Fresh grape marc is taken directly from the winery presses and lasts less than 24 hours until the processed seeds are packed in vacuum bags. The separation and drying process takes place in a controlled environment that allows the production of premium quality grape seeds, that are not treated with chemicals.

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