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BIO oil

BIO oil, organic oil, or eco oil? Doesn’t that seem complicated? It seems, and yet it is not… Pura Agro will explain to you as simply as possible how things are when it comes to BIO products.

Do we know what BIO, eco or organic oil means?

In a world on constant alert for quantity, few know how to value quality. We like it bio, organic, eco and natural, but we feel puzzled if we are asked about what exactly is the difference between these terms.

When we talk about an organic oil or bio oil we tend to confuse it with cold pressed oil. A safe organic oil is a cold pressed oil, but a cold pressed oil is not necessarily organic. Complicated? See further.

More and more often we notice the appearance of many cosmetic or food products of natural origin. They are presented to us through expressions and words that emphasize the idea of ​​belonging to nature and health, implicitly. In addition, these attributes can give us the idea of ​​safety in use or care for the environment or nature.

We are interested in delivering the purest products to our employees, so our motto is

Pure and natural / Made in Romania / Oils and flours from 100% natural and organic seeds

BIO, ECO, ORGANIC – very short description

  • The word ORGANIC is more widely used in the United States, Canada, England and Australia. Organic oil in the USA is bio oil in Romania. Simply.
  • The name ECO is used mainly in the Franco-German area / in Western European countries
  • In Italy, Hungary, Romania the term used is BIO. According to Romanian legislation, the term “ecological” or “eco” must appear. The term “bio” is used in everyday language.

How do we recognize a BIO oil?

  • The most well-known logo for BIO products is the one in the form of a green rectangle, in which has a stylized image of a leaf. Every organic oil must have this logo on its label or packaging.

It is outlined by 12 stars and represents the BIO logo used by the states of the European Union.

  • Organic oil producers must go through a strict process in order to obtain the right to use the BIO label. They must comply with the rules laid down by Community and national law, they must carry out inspections carried out by the competent bodies.

In order for Pura Agro’s fantastic organic oils and organic flours to be labeled as organic products, it is MANDATORY that both the raw material and the pressing process and the PURA AGRO factory be certified by an inspection and certification body. Which it is.

Advanced oil press technology allows us to avoid chemical treatment or application of excess heat during the oil production process.

Why do we want BIO products? Why would we want organic oil, for example?

When we decide to buy / choose a BIO product, in our case organic oils, we have the certainty that we are dealing with clean food, not one contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We are sure that these products are grown naturally and without chemical fertilizers. In addition, organic farming helps reduce pollution, increases soil fertility and helps preserve water by not polluting it. And that should be a universal desideratum, right?

In conclusion, an organic oil is clearly superior in all respects far superior to any other oils.

Why are BIO products more expensive?

BIO products are more expensive than classic ones because it takes more time and effort to have a finished product. For example, no pesticides, hormones or preservatives are used. Therefore, organic farming requires more time for food production. Therefore, even more resources are needed, with the production of BIO products being much more limited compared to the conventional one and with a higher degree of perishability.

More information about the certification of BIO products can be found on the website www.madr.ro in the Organic Agriculture section, and the certificate can be verified online at http://www.abg.at/en, in the Certificates / EASY-CERT section.

So, when you decide to buy organic, organic or organic products, several factors are involved. It benefits not only your health, but also the environment.

Romanian legislation equals the terms bio and organic with eco.

So no matter how we choose to “caress” our products, they are bio, organic and eco. One by one or separately, the properties of these 100% natural and organic oils and flours are extraordinary. During other informative articles we will present you as many useful news or notices as possible. Both for the beauty and for the health of your family and your loved ones.

You’ll see!

If you still have questions, contact us and we will be happy to answer you 🙂


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